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Bot Check

This is a check for IP addresses which have accessed the ArsRSS server with one of two pieces of malware. One of these contains a User-Agent tag in Rumanian, "Toata dragostea mea pentru diavola", which apparently means "All my love is for the devil". A Google search for this yields many thousands of hits. It apparently gets onto unsupecting computers, sends out its probes, and presumably, if successful, relays the data back to the originating hackers. A second culprit searches for pages containing ISC.SANS.DFind, which is detailed at Symantec.

ArsRSS has logged between 250 and 300 IP addresses from which these probes have come, amounting thousands of probes: a single address can send out hundreds of probes. They can't get actually hack the server. But their sheer number has occasionally overwhelmed our small VPS server, which has limited resources.

This page will simply tell you whether your IP address is one of those we have logged. If your IP is involved the result will show the response codes that our server sent back to your computer, the number of accesses, and which malware was involved.

No bots originating at

Thank you for taking the time to do this test.